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Vendors for 2022-2023

Conference Vendors:

Welcome to our Virtual Vendor Showcase!  In following protocols for such times as this, we did not have in person vending.  Instead, we invited our Vendors to come alongside Virtually!   Check them out and consider supporting their business!

MEternally, LLC

Through reminiscence we generate joy, happiness and comfort, based on an individual’s favorite things. In doing so, we bring about smiles, rouse emotions, and make connections by sharing memories with those we care for and love. We specialize in reminiscence therapy and use a person-centered approach rather than disease or generational specifics. Anyone can participate in and benefit from reminiscence. After all, bringing individuals and generations together in conversation and observation, is one of our favorite things!

Our company is nestled in the Root River Valley of Southeastern Minnesota, just outside of the City of Houston (population just under 1,000). As a small business we pride ourselves on being family run with the majority of our ownership in the hands of veteran and female employees.

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A healthy brain leads to a healthy life. Sure, there is tons of information out there on how to improve brain health. Why not get it all in once place with OUR community-focused brain optimization programs!

Want to sharpen cognitive skills, prevent age-related memory loss, and lower dementia risk? Here at Whole Brain Health Initiative, we have assembled a team of Neuroscientists and Behavioral Change specialists to help you prevent the decline of brain health as you age, improve your memory and reduce stress.

Our cognitive health programs are designed to keep your brain healthy and boost your mood. We want to make your journey to better brain health fun and simple. We offer virtual brain health programs where you can join group activities and exercises in a safe, welcoming environment.

We use interactive live classes with mind stimulating activities and brain games to boost brain power! Our free health coaching services and premium health coaching also help you holistically in other areas of health so you’ll be restoring both your brain and body to full potential.  If you’re concerned about declining memory or Alzheimer’s, it’s never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes!

LET US HELP YOU IN YOUR JOURNEY!  Come join our programs and strengthen your brain today!

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PHOTAVIA® creates time relevant, all-inclusive media experiences via art, part video experience and part education, with a strong and developing neuroscience focus premised on how pleasant thoughts invoked by visual memory triggers can be of therapeutic benefit to sufferers of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD, among others.

Our ‘A Moment In Time’™ series of V-Clips™, two-minute video shorts with original music beds and soothing, educational narratives are being usefully employed in environments where there is an opportunity to provide uplifting, soothing, or simply joyful exposure to art.
Caregivers whom have utilized Photavia media have expressed benefits that have included:
•Stress Reduction
•Improved Emotional States, Moods, and Attitudes
•Personal Engagement ”
•Decreased Isolation
•Reductions in Supervisory Staff Time affording Increased One on One Time
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National Association of Activity Professionals  (NAAP)

NAAP is the National organization and is supported by WRAP.  Here are some of the member benefits:

  • Free CE’s for live webinars twice per month
  • Free CEs with unlimited access to NAAP’s eLearning Library
  • Discounts to NAAP Conferences and Products from Partners
  • Weekly eBlast keep you abreast of national trends, regulation updates and hot topics
  • NAAP Toolbox:  printable in-services, resource article, innovative activity ideas and planning, activity forms.

Cost:  $75 per year for your membership.

Sign up online at
3604 Wildon Street
Eau Claire, WI   54703
(913) 748-7288