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Keeping updated & educated with Activity Federal & State regulations can be a daunting experience. Finding the regulations for both the Federal and State in their respective websites can be even more so…
Here is a Quick reference guide to help assist you in finding the regulations and at best, point you in the right direction as you search.

Sources for Regulations on a National and State level:

                   Tags related to Activities in Skilled Nursing Facilities:
        • 483.24(c)(i) Activities
          • (c) Activities. (1) The facility must provide, based on the comprehensive assessment and care plan and the preferences of each resident, an ongoing program to support residents in their choice of activities, both facility-sponsored group and individual activities and independent activities, designed to meet the interests of and support the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident, encouraging both independence and interaction in the community.
        • 483.24(C)(2) Activity Director    Ftag 679/680
          • (2) The activities program must be directed by a qualified professional who is a qualified therapeutic recreation specialist or an activities professional who—(i) Is licensed or registered, if applicable, by the State in which practicing; and(ii) Is:(A) Eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist or as an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body on or after October 1, 1990; or(B) Has 2 years of experience in a social or recreational program within the last 5 years, one of which was full-time in a therapeutic activities program; or

            (C) Is a qualified occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant; or

            (D) Has completed a training course approved by the State

        • 483.15 Activities Programs Ftag 248
  • DHS 132.69  Activities  
    • DHS 132.69Activities. Each facility shall have an activity program designed to meet the needs and interests of each resident.
  • DHS 132.45(5)(e) Activities records:
    • (e) Activities records. Documentation of activities programming, a summary of attendance, and quarterly progress notes.

RCAC WI Regulations:

  • RCAC  DHS 89.26
    • DHS 89.26Comprehensive assessment.
      (1)  Requirement. A comprehensive assessment shall be performed prior to admission for each person seeking admission as a basis for developing the service agreement under s. DHS 89.27 and the risk agreement under s. DHS 89.28.
      (2) Contents. The comprehensive assessment shall identify and evaluate the following factors relating to the person’s need and preference for services:
      (a) Physical health.
      (b) Physical and functional limitations and capacities.
      (c) Medications and ability to self-administer medications.
      (d) Nutritional status and needs.
      (e) Mental and emotional health.
      (f) Behavior patterns.
      (g) Social and leisure needs and preferences.
      (h) Strengths, abilities and capacity for self-care.
      (i) Situations or conditions which could put the tenant at risk of harm or injury.
      (j) Type, amount and timing of services desired by the tenant.
      (k) Frequency of monitoring which the resident’s condition requires.

CBRF WI Regualations:

    • DHS 83.35   (visit link for full read)
      Documentation:  Assessment: ….”10. Social participation, including interpersonal relationships, communication skills, leisure time activities, family and community contacts and vocational needs.”
    • DHS 83.38  (visit link for full read)

      (c) Leisure time activities. The CBRF shall provide a daily activity program to meet the interests and capabilities of the residents. Employees shall encourage and promote resident participation in the activity program. The CBRF shall develop and post the activity schedule in an area available to residents.
      (d) Community activities. The CBRF shall provide information and assistance to facilitate participation in personal and community activities. The CBRF shall develop, update and make available to all residents, monthly schedules and notices of community activities, including costs.
      (e) Family and social contacts. The CBRF shall encourage and assist residents in maintaining family and social contacts.